It's been a while

Oof. I promised in the last post that I would report more soon. I didn't. Sorry about that. Life things continued to consume a lot of my time, so although the good intentions were there... well, the internet is paved with abandoned blogs, so no more excuses.

A couple of quick updates first: I was invited to take part in Autocatalytic Future Games - an exhibition put together by Playpaint at No Format Gallery in London. Playpaint were fellow exhibitors in the Marmite Prize. I was genuinely delighted to be a part of this - it featured a great many friends and colleagues, and quite a few artists whose work I had taken note of previously. A fabulous show.

Secondly, as I type, I'm expecting to hear whether or not I have a place on a residency I applied for. I'm not terribly optimistic but perhaps I'll have some good news to share.

Anyway, now to the thing that prompted me to write a post. I have been working on a new piece, one I'm very excited about. There is a problem: I am *this* close to finishing it, but it might as well be nowhere near. Yep, one of those. I thought I was there maybe two, three weeks ago, but it is proving a frustrating technical nightmare. So, in an effort to take my mind off it, I picked up another piece I had finished several weeks ago. This particular piece had proved ever-so-slightly problematical itself - I had sort-of-quite-liked-it, but there was something elusive about it I couldn't put my finger on....

I fixed it to the wall properly for the first time last night, (maybe it looked more interesting than I previously thought), and left it there overnight. This morning I looked at it again. Pow! An epiphany! An accidentally-on-purpose, built-in serendipity that made perfect sense of this piece and something that I now recognise is also on the periphery of ideas behind many earlier works all along. Not quite a perfect planetary alignment, but pretty damn close.

I feel a little mean now, because I don't want to divulge more at the moment, nor am I ready to show pictures yet. But I will.


I promise....

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