Lost for words

I have been building up to a new post for some time, but of course life has a nasty habit of getting in the way of things sometimes. I have lots of things to report about my own practice - which I promise I will get on to very shortly, but in the meantime here is the thing that has got me back to the keyboard...

I have been a fan of Fold Gallery for some time, and it was one of the galleries I made a point of trying to get to whenever I went in to town. It is a gallery that shows my kind of work, much of it resonating with my own.

We're linked up (if that's the right term) on FB and Twitter, both a good resource for planning what we want to see, not to mention for keeping up with what is going on during our stay here in France. Tim Ellis' exhibition Finding Comfort in an Unknown Future is one show that caught my eye, so it was with some astonishment that I read this post on FB a week ago:

We're saddened and shocked to be the victims of what appears to be a 'steal to order' theft of four sculptures by popular young artist Tim Ellis on Saturday 25th October.
Gallery director Kim Savage says "it appears the gallery was broken into for the sole purpose of obtaining certain sculptures on display from the Tim Ellis solo show. Four of the eleven sculptures were selected, each with a bold and common aesthetic.... The sculptures are displayed unsigned. This is a deliberate security decision, so as it stands they have no re-sale value. The gallery is very keen to retrieve the stolen works and is offering a substantial reward for any information that would lead to the recovery of the sculptures.”

I truly can't imagine what it must be like to be on the receiving end of something like this. I hope the buggers are caught.

The exhibition runs until the 22nd November. I'm disappointed I won't be back in time to see it - it looks great.

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