I went to see Drawing: Sculpture at the Drawing Room on Tuesday, followed by Rosemarie Trockel at the Serpentine and the PV of Plural at WW Gallery (curated by Breese Little). In short, three extremely good shows. Go see.

Last night I went with friends to see the inaugural show at Arbeit, a group show of works based around the theme of scale. My favourite piece was Jeannie Driver's 'Spike', featuring sequentially numbered but otherwise blank sheets of paper, ritually and precisely impaled on a 2m surgical steel spike. A piece called 'Space Time Fabric' evoked a connection with the yarn pieces I had seen a few days earlier at the Rosemarie Trockel exhibition - somewhere between the regular placement of her own works and the obsessive but apparently random works of Judith Scott. It was a good way to launch and an enjoyable show. Conversely, another show was a great disappointment. It is the worst example of the curation overwhelming the art I have ever seen. It was risibly bad, and had more in common with a shop window display. There were works I liked, but one in particular (now I come to think about it) may also have been fiddled with by a clumsy and arrogant curatorial hand.

Another show I'm looking forward to seeing which opened this week is A House of Many Windows curated by Day+Gluckman, which includes work by David Dipré, as well as Dan Coombs, Emma Critchley, Aly Helyer, Annie Kevans, David Lock, Kate Lyddon, EJ Major & Boo Ritson.

On my own work, The Marmite Prize has now moved to Glasgow, having opened on 1st March at The Mackintosh Museum, Glasgow School of Art. I'm busy in the studio and workshop, sanding, priming and painting……

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