The Hall Of The Bright Carvings

The beach was littered with the bodies of dozens of crabs this morning. I imagine they had been caught in a trap some time ago and then washed ashore as a result of the bad weather, for they were little more than empty shells. Almost all were laid on their backs and incomplete. One caught my eye for no obvious reason, except that it appeared intact. It too was on its back, stranded on the high water line amongst the seaweed and other sea-borne detritus. I picked it up and realised it was a different species to the others (a Velvet Swimming Crab I learned later) and perhaps still alive. I placed it in the surf, and was pleased to first watch it crawl and then finally swim away.

Also this morning I bought a copy of the Gormenghast trilogy from a second-hand bookshop. I first read this some years ago, and have had the urge to read it again. Bizarrely, this on page one:

"Those works judged to be the most consummate, and there were never more than three chosen, were subsequently relegated to the Hall of the Bright Carvings."

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