Chasing Oyster Catchers

There are Oyster Catchers on the beach most mornings, especially at this time of year. The dog is obsessed with them, far more than she is with seagulls (in fact she is indifferent to those), and chases them along the edge of the surf. They fly along the surf line as they see her coming, moving further along the beach, or sometimes circling round and landing close to where they were before. The dog has no hope of catching them, they seem to know that, and they don't seem to mind. There's no real sense of urgency, and if there is frustration or annoyance on either part, it doesn't show.

I, on the other hand, seem to be frustrated by so many things. I am waiting for news on various projects, waiting for things to happen or to be resolved. Mostly things that are beyond my control.

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