Although I am an atheist, I have long had a slight interest in the decoration of early English church interiors. A few years ago I had the opportunity to visit Sainte-Chapelle in Paris, the nearest, I felt, to what I imagined to be the excesses of medieval religious pomp. Although it had been restored in the 19th century, I wasn't to be disappointed. The lower level was impressive enough, but on entering the upper floor from the winding stone staircase, it would have been difficult not to have been awed.

The most impressive feature of the space is undoubtedly the stained glass - it seemed as if the walls were made of nothing but coloured light.

After a while I started to get slightly dizzy through staring up at the spectacular sight, and decided to sit down. There were two rows of seats - one along each long side, facing back into the room. I sat myself down and continued to look around. After a while I noticed a young girl, perhaps 18 or so, seated directly opposite me. She looked, dare I say, angelic. She had her head bowed and her hands in her lap. Her long, dark hair hung straight down, almost hiding her face. I assumed she was silently praying.

I sat for a while longer, taking in the rich colours of the chapel. As I stood up, I noticed that the girl was in fact texting, totally and utterly disinterested in where she was. It made me smile.

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