Along with succumbing to a cold it has been a busy few weeks. Several trips to London including the excellent Black Feast and 100 Artists/ Bogof at WW Gallery, workshop time, writing a proposal, and a stack of other things. I should probably stick to blogging more frequently if I'm going to keep track. Exhibition highlights were David Adamo at Ibid and Harland Miller at White Cube - the last at the Hoxton Square gallery. I wonder what will happen to the space next? I saw at least one other exhibition which was, frankly, dreadful. Also I came away from the Russian exhibition at the Saatchi gallery feeling quite depressed. There are some gems here though, so I have to put the feeling down to Mikhailov's photographs. I will go back to take another look at the rest of the exhibition at some point.

A well-known art writer and critic spent a couple of hours at the studio yesterday. More on this later.

I'm still writing the proposal. I have already spent longer on it than I should, so I think the time has probably come to bite the bullet and send it off. Maybe one more tweak…

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