November sunshine

It has been a while since I blogged. A lot has been happening in the studio, though they have mostly been small incremental steps than anything spectacular. Little by little. I have been spending time resolving details of some of the new works, scaling up sketches, refining technicalities, that sort of thing. The spontaneity of the sketches is a critical element that I am anxious to carry through to the finished pieces, though this will almost certainly be far from apparent. That's part of it.

I have a new bandsaw! Having tried, without success, to pick up the one I wanted on eBay, I took delivery of a brand new one on Wednesday. I have it set up temporarily in the cellar on a bench, just enough to make some test cuts. I'll post some pics when I have it on the floor stand. Cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut cut. Oh, and I used it to cut some of the components for the 'photo wall' thingy I was talking about a while ago.

I took a trip to London just over a week ago, to see some shows and meet with WW. As is often the case I managed to pick a day when several of the galleries I wanted to visit were in the middle of changing shows or preparing for a PV that evening. I saw some good stuff though, including Hoxton Art Gallery and Ibid (who had some wall/ceiling mounted works which were very similar in some ways to one of the works I exhibited earlier in the year - doncha hate it when that happens?), and first time visits to Maria Stenfors and Laura Bartlett Gallery. I had intended to see the Harland Miller at White Cube - the last at their Hoxton Sq premises - but I must have misread the times, since the PV was one of those that was that evening. Speaking of which, I also trailed all the way round to Sloane Square to see the photography exhibition at the Saatchi, only to find it had closed and a private function was taking place.

Some exciting stuff coming up that I can talk about - the Marmite Prize starts next month, launching at Central Art Gallery. Also coming up in December is the WW Bogof fundraiser. This also has a great line up and I am pleased to be taking part. Other things - well, things in the pipeline….

The 'To do' list is growing.

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