The Sluice auction went very well, and I was very pleased to hear that my piece had secured some bids. There were lots of familiar faces and it was good to meet new people. Bids were being placed all evening, with a rush right up to the last moment. Well done to everyone concerned.

I have started work on some new pieces. My bandsaw hung on valiantly, but finally gave up the ghost today. I managed to get a fair amount of use from it in its last throes, almost enough to cut all the components for a complete work. Hand tools came to the rescue, but I now have to source a replacement.

I had a slight setback on another piece. I had decided to make a small-scale maquette for it, rather than getting stuck in to making the full-size version. That turned out to be a good move, because it didn't work as I intended. It is easy enough to resolve technically, but the logical solution has an impact on the aesthetic. I need to think on that some more.
marking up a curve (2nd try)
Gluing up rough-cut components

Ready for cutting out and shaping

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