I remember as a very little boy - I must have been six or seven - going on a school trip to the seaside. I think it must have been the first time I saw the sea. I don't know where it was, but I recall wide, flat sandy beaches, and rocks. I got lost - except I didn't know I was lost. I was just having a good time playing in the sand and paddling in the sea, looking for crabs, and sharks, in the rock pools and all that. Blissfully unaware that school staff were searching for me. Eventually I was 'found' and re-united with the rest of the kids who were having fish and chips in a café. They all stared at me when I walked in - I think some of them thought I was some kind of hero, some of them thought I was weird (possibly for risking losing out on fish & chips), and some of them thought I was a troublemaker. It wasn't my fault, but the teachers were annoyed with me, I think, and didn't give me enough time to eat my fish and chips.

I have an up to date news page on my website. I may use this as the basis of the newsletter idea I mentioned a while ago. I'll see.

My studio flash units arrived today. I now have a basic set up of a pair of decent stands, controllable flash units, and big soft boxes. Re-photographing the larger works is something of a priority. I still need to construct a support 'wall' which I can disassemble (I don't have a large enough unrestricted plain white wall anywhere). I'll post images when it is all done.

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