Friday was the pv of the John Mynott exhibition at Aspex Gallery. Superb work and a wonderful turnout. It was a great shame that John wasn't able to attend in person, but if he has any idea of how well received his work was I'm sure he will be delighted.

I delivered my contribution to the Sluice exhibition yesterday. It opens today and runs until Wednesday evening. Not all of it had arrived by the time I left but there was already some very good work on show. I will be travelling up for the auction on Wednesday evening, and I have my eye on a few works.

I had intended to go to see the photography exhibition at the Saatchi gallery, instead I went for a beer with a couple of the other exhibiting artists. A slightly surreal moment was sitting in the pub watching some people playing cricket, on the pavement, in the rain, alongside an extremely busy road.

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