tears like jewels, jewels like tears

Rained off this morning, so rather than sit about moping, took a trip to a brocante hidden away in the back of beyond. It really is miles from anywhere, and if it hadn't been for the satnav I would never have found it. Any way, it was worth looking for. An old barn with two floors of a mixture of junk and properly interesting stuff. Purchases include some massive candlesticks from a chapel, a pair of firedogs, and a couple of walking canes which I hope to sell and recover some of the cost of the other things.

Best of all though is the heavy red steel box pictured below, which I bought as the basis of a piece of artwork. It is a piece of industrial kit measuring 60cm square, and is hinged to open specifically to reveal the contents. I won't divulge what it contains, but it runs on batteries. The colour red as a sign of danger is also a clue.

I managed to get a few hours on the roof with a threatening sky looming.

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