On days like today the studio doesn't just beckon, it screams "Get the fuck in here!". I'm very excited about the new work, and keen to get started.

Someone has sent me some English weather. Thanks. So, being rained off for most of the day, I spent a good chunk of my time researching studio lights to photograph artwork, and planning a method to temporarily support heavier wall-mounted 3D artworks for photography. In the past I have used natural daylight with (mostly) decent results, but problems imposed by larger works and the quality (and quantity) of daylight defined by the vagaries of the weather have made it increasingly difficult to light works well. I think I have found a good lighting system for a reasonable price. I will probably continue to use daylight when I can (simply because I prefer it), but it will be good to have an alternative when I can't. Having said that, the facility to be able to photograph at any time that suits me is very attractive.

The clouds were racing last night, and the moon was truly beautiful. The edges of the clouds flew by like shreds of silver against the black. A little camera I grabbed refused to focus, so rushed back in for my dslr. I put it to my eye, focussed, and the moon disappeared behind the clouds.

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