Feeling very subdued at the moment. A long walk - even in the heavy rain - helped. I was wrapped up against the weather, yet the dog was just as happy tearing around in nothing but a dog collar. Maybe I should try that.

Considered returning to the UK early today, but temptation thwarted because industrial action by one of the ferry operators has meant that there is no space available.

I saw some images from one of the big opens - the one that now claims to be the biggest. Apart from a handful of notable exceptions (including people I know, happily) the other work I saw ranged from unremittingly dull to downright awful. It makes me angry for some of the people I know who didn't get selected, and it also makes me continue to doubt the value of this one and the other very like it. Speaking of opens, the ZAP open deadline has now passed, and they have had a terrific response. Good luck to everyone who entered -I'm looking forward to seeing the show. Another promising open exhibition coming up is Salon at Matt Roberts' new premises.

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