Tomb or womb

Not having been able to see any of the Olympics, just catching up with a few snippets on the radio and internet, I feel a little like the designated driver at a New Year's Eve party.

Yesterday's day-time moon

I loaded up the landrover this afternoon with camera, tripod and dog, and headed down the track close to the deer paths. I wanted to re-photograph the shepherd's shelter*, but I planned to be inside it this time. This is in connection with some ideas I have been playing with for a couple of years. I set the camera up on self-timer to take multiple-frames, and hoped my assertion that no-one comes here was correct, otherwise it might have been a little embarrassing and any attempt explanation would have required the best of my French. There are a few blurred photos of my bum as a record of my efforts to get the timing settings right.

For the first few tries I had put my hat over my face because - well, because. I looked like I was having a pleasant nap, so I took the last set without the hat, and I happened to open my eyes and look up after the last shot. Up until then I had been totally engrossed in getting the photograph and hadn't really considered my situation. I have always found this to be a magical place, nevertheless it was a strange feeling, being so tightly enclosed on three sides.

I tried to get a shot to capture this, but the lens on the camera wasn't nearly wide-angle enough, so I took a series of shots which I will piece together once I get back home to the studio.

One of the series of shots of my point-of-view looking up and out from the shelter

A Springer Spaniel, passing through the space-time continuum

The lamb-modified wire cube from a few days ago 

*I have shown the shepherd's shelter previously on this blog. It is built into the foot of a slope at the bottom of a valley, near the river. It is just about big enough for a man and his dog, and would once have had a roof  of sorts - probably of straw or bracken. It was apparently no means unusual for children to look after the sheep. Wolves only became extinct in the area at the turn of the 20th century.

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