The deer path

There are many places here that show traces of the wildlife. One of these is an area of pine woods down in the valley where the river runs. There are dappled patches of sunlight around the river itself, but elsewhere light struggles to make it through, so the ground, and everything on it, is covered in a soft, springy carpet of moss. It grows over fallen trees and the massive outcrops of granite, blending everything together. The only place it can't take hold is on the deer paths.

I don't think I have ever seen a wood ant nest bigger than this. It must be almost three feet high. 

I mentioned a lamb to whom I have given a name. I have called him Keb, short for Kebab. I have made a wire frame, in the shape of a cube, as a maquette for a work. It has been on a small table on the terrace for a week.  One of the other sheep pulled it off the table. Last Sunday Keb had an investigative chew of another artwork, but today he finished up wearing the wire cube - you may just be able to make it out in the photograph. I have never had an ovine collaborator before.

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