Okey dokey. First up, there was a storm late last night - a belter. If you have been to this blog before you may have read that being in the sticks here it is necessary to unplug the phone, the internet - everything - because of lightning strikes. So I unplugged everything. I had a very restless night anyway due to the heat and a particularly overactive head. No clock, no alarm. I woke up (actually the dog woke me up by kissing my nose) at 9 am. I didn't know where I was, frankly. I felt like my brain had been replaced by mashed potato.

The other day I sent off a high-res image for the Marmite catalogue. It is fortunate that I had brought a disc of my most recent images with me, but today I discovered that a different image I wanted for something else is not on the disc. Bugger. I kind-of managed, but it is still less than ideal. Serves me right for leaving it to the last moment, not something I generally do, and that's a good example why. I'm gonna have to look at ways of reducing the risk of that happening again in the future.

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