I went to a vide grenier this morning - lots of the usual stuff; one chap selling his collection of used champagne corks. Actually, not even a collection, just some used corks in a box, complete with bits of foil and twisted wire. Whenever I see something like that I am never sure whether it is high optimism or just plain disdain for the seller's potential customers. This particular vide grenier is under the auspices of the 'Flâneries' of the local town - flâneries, as far as I can make out, means dawdling or lounging about.

I bought some postcards from one of the regular sellers there - he has dozens of unused cards dating back decades - I wonder if he once had a shop. They are mostly a bit dog-eared and faded, like these, ranging from the banal to the downright weird. These are a few of my purchases.

... the bustling nightlife of a nearby city

'Flirt' ( a fairly polite translation) - Frequent stops. This postcard has a self-adhesive backing so that you can use it as a car sticker

Patience: everything comes in its own time

I am like my car - convertible!

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