I mentioned in an online response to a friend (the talented Susan Francis), that this blog isn't very 'arty'. Of course, it's not. But then it almost never is or was. It is, as I have said before, much more of a personal journal, or a notebook of little ramblings. I tend to write about the peripheries of my practice rather than about my practice itself. I have often said that I am not comfortable writing about work-in-progress other than in general terms, for example; most of the discussions about the specifics of any piece of work are carried out within the confines of my own head. It is rare for me to talk about a work in real life, never mind on-line, and exceptionally rare for me to show anyone a work-in-progress. So suppose I have a greater tendency to write about things that affect my practice, directly or indirectly, and things that interest me. By definition those things will have some bearing, somehow, at some point. I also often relate my mood, good and bad. I wonder, as I write, if that doesn't give more insight into my work than if I wrote about the work directly?

I write as it comes, more or less. I often don't bother to correct iffy grammar unless I notice it at the time, and I certainly don't write to be clever (that much must be obvious!). I am sometimes conscious how it might look when compared against other artist blogs, so it may change in the future. Having said that, the word 'blog' is nothing more than a contraction of web log, so I might just carry on as I am.

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