I am very pleased to have been selected for Marmite Prize IV. The exhibition will tour from December 2012:
Central Art Gallery, Tameside, December 2012-February 2013
Mackintosh Museum, The Glasgow School of Art, March – April 2013
Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge, April – May 2013
The Gallery at Plymouth College of Art, May- June 2013
Tannery Arts at Drawing Room, London, June - July 2013

This beautiful little creature is a young lerot - a kind of French dormouse. The dog caught it, but fortunately she is very gentle and all the lerot suffered is a slightly wet head. It sat where it was, a little dazed and bewildered, so I decided to leave it alone to find its way back to wherever it had come from. I looked again a while later and it was still in exactly the same spot - hence the picture. I eventually realised it didn't know where it was. I sat on the grass and gently stroked it with the tip of my finger. I decided it must have come from somewhere around the barn, so I carefully picked it up (it really didn't seem to mind too much) and set it down next to some pallets of breeze blocks by the building. It was a good guess, because it immediately scurried between the pallets like it knew exactly where it was headed.

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