A while back I was 'followed' on Twitter by Giles Fraser. He was Canon Chancellor at St. Paul's Cathedral, until his resignation last year. I would love to believe he followed me because he thought I have something interesting to say, but I suspect it is more likely that he liked the look of 'Baby Elvis as the infant John the Baptist' - my avatar.

In October 2011, Occupy London set up camp outside the cathedral. Giles Fraser had said that he was happy for the protestors to exercise their right to protest peacefully (the reason I first became aware of his name), and ultimately resigned as he could not sanction the decision of St Paul's governing body to use force to remove the protesters. I have great respect for anyone who is prepared to stand up and walk for what they believe in.

He writes regularly for the Guardian and makes regular contributions elsewhere, and while I don't agree with everything he says (I am still struggling with his case for circumcision), he is generally admirably objective in his assessment of his own views and those of the church. He campaigns for the inclusion of gay and lesbian people within the church, and is a vocal advocate for women bishops. He is a remarkable man, an eloquent writer, and has a wicked sense of humour.

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