Whenever you have been really moved by something, other than a direct interaction with another human being, the chances are it was a piece of music, a film, a painting, a book or a poem, or some other work of art. I wish people would remember that when they consider the value of the arts.

I am making hay. I was going to say literally, rather than metaphorically, but then it is impossible to make hay literally without also making it metaphorically. It will be used in a new artwork, where I aim to introduce more metaphors.

I have had a small-scale mock-up of an idea for an artwork on the terrace outside for a few days, while I reflect on it (it's not the hay). I have had sheep for company today. A lamb (to whom I have decided to give a name) had a bash at eating it. I don't think it was being critical, but it didn't seem particularly impressed with it, either.
Self portrait

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