Les genoux de l'abeille

It had been raining heavily here since nightfall. The rain stopped shortly after breakfast, so I seized the chance to walk the dogs in the dry. As I passed under the trees there was a sudden gust of wind which shook all the rain off the leaves onto me, and I was soaked in an instant.

French car boot sales have a completely different class of things that no-one could possibly want - yet seem to sell without much difficulty. I have been to this particular one before, a nice little village not much more than ten minutes from here. It is particularly noteworthy for the loud and very badly distorted French accordion music belting out over the church PA system. The organisers had gone that extra step to make the event a little different, so there was a crépe stand, a bar, a funfair-style mobile shooting gallery, donkey rides, and a bouncy castle chateau.

There were a few things which almost tempted me, but I had to have this: well worth 3 euros of anyone's money. I had one exactly the same, real leather, complete with skin-lacerating rivets. I can almost get the belt around my waist, but I didn't even try to get the cuffs on. This proves that I am still almost as thin as when I was a kid, but I have somehow developed fat wrists....

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