Paid a visit to the 'Troc' today. The troc, if you aren't familiar with the term, is a kind of French second-hand shop where people take things to be sold on their behalf, for a commission. There will usually be at least one in most towns. The troc owners must have some say over what they will and won't take in (you would expect them to turn down anything strange or potentially too difficult to sell), nevertheless there are some spectacularly weird things for sale - not just sometimes, but always. If you want a not-even-naff-in-a-good-way 1980's black glass and chrome home cocktail bar, the troc is worth a look. Similarly, if you want a completed jigsaw of cavorting nymphs and dolphins, glued to a board and varnished, the troc is worth a look. Similarly - well, you get the idea. Today I saw a ceramic duck with 'real' blond hair in plaits. I didn't buy it, but I wish I had now. I may have to go back for it.

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