The Longest Day

I slept very badly last night. Actually, I slept very soundly, until just before dawn, when I woke up, my mind racing, and that was that. I heard the birds begin tuning up their morning song, and watched the light through the blinds build from pitch black to yellow brightness. The longest day started with the longest night.

I took this photograph yesterday. Absolutely no trickery, just a hastily grabbed shot, slightly cropped. The uncropped original has my laundry in it, too.

© Phil Illingworth 2012

Seeing a few big names showing in London at the moment just now, and there are quite a few exhibitions I wish I could get to see. David Thorpe has a show at Maureen Paley at the moment. I saw some of his work at the Saatchi Gallery a few months ago, and I would very much liked to see this show. I'm intrigued by his use and selection of materials.


  1. I'm painting clouds at the moment - but they're not quite like this one!