John Moores

A slight panic this morning - no internet. It makes me realise just how much I depend on it out here, not just a little, but a lot. It is much more than an inconvenience. Back in England it is relatively easy to get online - with my phone, for example - but here in the middle-of-nowhere the 3G signal here is almost non-existant.

I hoped it might be back on when I came back from walking the dogs, but no such luck. I turned off and on, I reset, did all the usual things, and eventually I discovered that the ADSL connection was out. I had the same dreadful phrase-of-death message I was geting when I first tried to get an internet  service here - which took weeks and weeks and weeks....

I decided to wait and see if it came back on. Phoning the helplines is at least as bad as in England, and of course I have to negotiate everything in a second language.

Anyway, as you can probably tell, I am now back online. Phew. Please don't do that to me again.

Yesterday saw the announcement of the artists through to the John Moores painting prize. The buzz of it all took me back to exactly how I felt when I heard that I had been selected for the last one (2010). I was absolutely beside myself with excitement. Consequently I am delighted that two other artists represented by WW Gallery have been selected - Enzo Marra and Jarik Jongman - as well as two lovely friends David Dipré and Andrew Seto. Congratulations to all.

I would say to anyone that didn't get accepted for either stage - don't be disheartened. Keith Coventry, the chap who won in 2010, had persevered year after year to get through.

By the way, the last picture is what a grasshopper would look like if it photocopied its bum.

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