Before I went to bed last night I stepped outside, close to midnight, and the rain had finally stopped. I listened to the last of the raindrops tumbling down through the trees, and cicadas were singing loudly. A few stars peeked out through the blackness, and I thought perhaps tomorrow would bring better weather.

I have been neglecting my sketchbook. That's not to say I haven't been thinking about my work - I have been turning over a few ideas - but I haven't had the level of focus I like. Apart from obvious causes such as the change of environment, I can put this down to getting to grips with the work that needs to be done here. I'm fairly sure that once that is under way I will be able to concentrate more fully.

As well as some art books I brought a pile of art magazines with me - half-a-dozen copies of Art Monthly, Frieze, seven or eight copies of Garageland, and a couple of unopened copies of Art Review. I picked up one of the Art Reviews last night, and apart from a couple of articles it was the dullest I have seen. Glad I have others to read.

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