I took another trip to London on Friday to take some photographs of the installation at WW Gallery, and re-take photographs of a few of the individual pieces.

I want some alternatives for the website, press, and for archival purposes and so on. Many of the works are extremely difficult to encapsulate in a static image, so it has been a case of trying and retrying to get as close as I can. It's a constant reminder that there is no substitute for seeing an artwork in the flesh, and this is why the web will never, ever replace the gallery or some form of real-world experience of mine or anyone else's.

Walking into the gallery and seeing it afresh was a very different experience from seeing it so crowded on the preview night, and probably as close as I will ever get to seeing it for the first time.

Charing Cross Road, on the way to the tube at Leicester Square, is renowned for its book shops. Mmm-mm. The first port of call was piled high with beautiful new books on art, architecture, photography, artist monographs… Next came some of the second-hand and antiquarian bookshops. There is something uniquely evocative in their respective associated smells: the exciting promise of the smell of fresh print, and the embrace of the musty smell of old books. You could go into any bookshop, anywhere, and know what those smells signal.

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