I have not so much lost a daughter as gained a studio.

Well, almost. My daughter moved into a flat at the weekend, and I will soon be able to take over her room as a studio. You can then call me Phil 'Two Studios' Illingworth. Provided she takes the rest of her stuff, that is. She has so many clothes

It is the attic room, so there are lots of sloping ceilings and not much headroom for bigger work. Nevertheless it is bright, and it means more space to work and store. Not a moment too soon - I have run out of places to hide artwork!

It has been a busy few days: on Friday I was helping Jan and Chris pimp the Caravan Gallery ready to go back on the road for another hectic summer (it has had a bright new paint job and is looking very flash), then ferrying furniture about at the weekend. Glad to get back to work for a rest….

I have been updating various websites today, although not with the new work as yet. Having made changes to three within a short space of time it is interesting to note the differences and relative ease of one against another (on one I was able to change images but not the text, so the website is currently showing works with the wrong titles and descriptions! Waiting to hear from the technical department!!).

Finally, I had some good news a few moments ago - a friend had an operation today, and all went well.

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