A bit cross with myself. There was a talk at Aspex this afternoon, and I forgot all about it until it was too late.

I have been partially engaged in non-arty things: calculating large volumes of concrete, sourcing roof ladders and stuff, and buying euros - a LOT of euros. The latter was quite exciting (pretending I was an international money trader!), watching the price flickering up and down, and deciding when to hit the 'buy' button. The quantity of cash involved meant that even slight fluctuations in the exchange rate were worth proper amounts of money (well, enough for a good night out, anyway), and I was pleased that for once I was able to get a really good rate. I won't be needing any of this for months yet, but I know that the nearer I get to the exhibition, all of a sudden time will start to fly by.

Back to arty things, and I have been looking at wooden panels to paint onto. I found some nice ones, but they were not deep enough (at 3cm) for what I want, and the deeper ones I found (5cm) were not really large enough for what I have in mind. I'll take another look, but I may have to make them myself.

I keep allowing myself to get diverted by new ideas. That's normally not so bad, but it is starting to get confusing. I think if I concentrate on tidying up the loose ends of works-in-progress first, then I can afford to pursue new avenues with a clearer head. Once again, 'obsessive compulsive butterfly' is apt.

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