All sorts has happened this last ten days or so. At the tail end of last week I went to the closing party for 'Say What You See' at Aspex, meeting the other artists and chatting with Jo and Clive. It was a very pleasant evening, and I also met Dan Thompson for the first time. I also got to take a look at Cornelia Baltes' exhibition - Cornelia and I were both selected for John Moores.

During the week I started and completed one new work, started and almost completed another (the making of which involved being regularly covered in MDF dust), and made a small change to one of the other works. I also collected 'Ghost' from Aspex.

I had an additional, last-minute trip to London on Saturday afternoon - I bought a saxophone! It was a really lucky find, being sold by someone who bought it and didn't do anything with it, so it is in mint condition and I managed to buy it for a very good price. It was a really enjoyable journey; the train passed by great clouds of blossom, scores of rabbits, pheasant, and plumped-up pigeon. Next I strolled along the South Bank towards Tate Britain in beautiful sunshine. The return walk to Waterloo was slightly less pleasant, because by this time I was carrying a heavier-than-expected saxophone.

I haven't played for a long time, and there are a lot more keys than I remember!

Lastly, two weeks today I will be installing the show at WW.....!

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