The obvious thing to do was to remove the element that I felt was responsible for this undesirable connection, and that is what I did. Moreover, it worked. Another little tweak - sliding other elements over two or three centimetres, and I think I'm there. I have been cogitating this for a couple of days now (on top of the prior 18 months or so). I do wonder if this isn't the sort of thing that must seem odd to anyone other than another artist.

I have ordered some aluminium tube and some flat bar to enable me to complete the finishing touches to a couple of works. More odd supplies. A bit of a photo session coming up in a few days...

The postman rang the bell today to deliver a recorded delivery letter. I had a prang a while back, and I imagined it was something nasty to do with that. It was about the prang, except the envelope contained a cheque. I didn't expect that!

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