I took another look at the design for my business cards yesterday. All I can say is I am glad I decided to sit on it for a while and not have them printed straight away. The design is poo. Re-re-design.

I need to shake off this fuzzy head thing. Time to make another to-do list, maybe, or at least update the current one! I could do with another gallery tour too, so a trip to London surely has to be on the cards.

I have more-or-less completed the piece of work I mentioned early this week. I just need to do a little final assembly and fix the split battens on the back. It doesn't conform to any rules that I can think of. This isn't the objective (to break rules just for the sake of it), it is to experiment, to explore possibilities - but it often feels like a very lonely path. This makes me excited and sick in the pit of my stomach at the same time.

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