I have played guitar since I was about 17, and became reasonably accomplished. Good enough to play for an audience, anyway. The highlight for me was a period when I would drive to somewhere in West Wittering once a week to jam with other musicians, never knowing who would turn up. On one occasion there were two drummers. It was often technically demanding, but good fun. I continued to play regularly, daily in fact, but I have hardly touched my guitars for almost two years. When I was a student I started to learn the saxophone. I usually practiced in the morning, before I set off for art college, until someone in the flat downstairs complained… I used to pawn my saxophone - a beautiful vintage silver tenor sax - at the end of term, when my money ran out. I did bar work in the evenings, and worked on the ships that did tours around the Solent during the summer. I would go and get my sax back from the pawnbrokers when I had managed to get some money together. One time I went to collect it, but it had been sold - and that was that. Lately I have been thinking of getting another sax and taking it up again. Maybe.

Enough of that. I have to mark up some MDF for machining, but first I need to settle on the shape.

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