I had an open tub of gesso in my hand, and I dropped it. It just slipped through my fingers. It bounced off the table up into the air, somersaulted a couple of times, then clattered about on the table before finally landing on its side, spinning furiously. Bearing in mind there is recently finished artwork all over the place, including on the table, this should have been a disaster. Incredibly, not a drop - not a speck - came out. That was close.

Seems the draft blurb isn't as bad as I thought. I sent in some alternative press images, though. It's all coming together.

Here is some painted string, and the newish bookcase in the corner of the studio to take some of the smaller bits and pieces. I'm still sorting through everything (it's getting better), but I still have a few spaces which is a good sign. Possibly. It's not nearly as organised as it may look from this.

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