The beach was beautiful this morning; the tide was out, leaving wide strips of flat wet sand - perfect.

I nipped out to get the materials I needed. That 'little bit of ply/MDF, a length of 4x1, etc.' were once of relatively little consequence as far as costs go, yet even these are so expensive now. I feel like I have been bent over and, er, burgled. One day I will have the storage to be able to buy in bulk.

Anyhow, at least I have all of the materials I need now, and the piece is under way. Happily the slight raise in outside temperature meant that I was able to work in the garden for long enough to cut and sand the MDF. Idly thinking as I applied the first coat of paint, it struck me that once again the making will probably not reflect the amount of forethought. I checked back through my notes - I have had this in mind since October 2010. Not the longest incubation for one of my works, but hardly off the cuff! If it turns out that I am still not satisfied when I have finished, I won't have wasted too much time in the making. However, if I am as excited as I was when I looked at the mock-up, then all's well. I'll soon see.

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