A bad cold, aka man flu, has kept me and the dog away from the beach for a while. Almost a week, in fact. I have been walking around the park at Milton. I walk the perimeter, in circles; I always find myself going in the opposite direction to everyone else.

Both me and the dog were happy to be back by the sea: the dog flew back and forth along the surf's edge, chasing flocks of tiny seabirds, tail going so fast it was a blur. I drew the air deep into my chest, again and again, until my head spun. Absorbing the space. Overhead, skeins of geese pointed their way.

A neighbour took his own life on Friday. I barely knew him, on little more than nodding terms, yet it is impossible not to think of his pain. The curtains are drawn, like a soliloquy.

I have been battling to resolve a work; back in November last year I presented a number of pieces to blind/visually impaired participants, and it is one of those. Whilst I was essentially happy with the concept at the time, there was a minor technical issue with it which caused me to rethink. Now, although it wasn't my intention, I have fundamentally changed the concept, significantly I feel, for the better. There are some tweaks to make, but otherwise a good result.

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