Yesterday's trip was long but satisfying. In chronological (definitely not logistical) order, I took in: Gesamtkunstwerk at the Saatchi Gallery, David Burrows at IMT Gallery, Topophobia at Danielle Arnaud, then finally Hayley Lock's Caddington Hall at Transition. I saw a lot of good work, and it was a good chance to catch up with friends and to finally meet in person a number of people I have been in contact with for some time. An unexpected, and frankly unsurpassable honour was being used as a pussycat's plaything at IMT. Those of you that know me and the cat in question will be able to recognise a certain tonsorial affinity. A visit to The Dove with everyone for a little light refreshment meant that I missed my train, catching instead the slooooooooooow train, and getting back at quarter-to-stupid O'clock. I did, however, share the train with a witch.

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