OK, so LAF: I haven't been for a couple of years, but I was reminded of a couple of things, none of which are likely to come as a surprise; most of the work is very slick, most of the work is very commercial, in the upper floors there was quite a lot of work which wouldn't have looked out of place in an arts&craft fair in a field in the Home counties, and of course 'Projects' is the most exciting part. Here, the Catlin stand was one of those that stood out, and I quite liked the idea of placing Julie Cockburn's work in Photo50. It was good to see Axisweb there, and I would very much like to see that develop further. For me, that is what projects should be about, not enabling organisations such as (but not exclusively) S***chi - these have enough clout of their own, not to mention the means and the presence elsewhere to promote their own projects. If the idea of including such heavyweights was to add to the kudos or future of Projects, I don't believe that succeeded. If anything, their presence has the opposite effect.

There were several artists and galleries I know representing well, and I was pleased to see Liane Lang's work there (recently at Wilson Williams). Elsewhere there were enough works hung with pins and bulldog clips to remind us we were amongst projects (oh yeah, the giant wire coathanger? F*ck off!). Throughout this show - and even to some extent in Projects, the slickness can be intimidating, but slick isn't always the same thing as sound. There is work which is both.

These chaps were staring out from a shop window around the corner.

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