I have now had a couple of days out of the studio, and I think it has proved helpful for blowing away a few cobwebs. I'm working on several pieces at the moment - at the last count, eighteen works-in-progress (plus another two more-or-less finished). That's a lot for anyone, and it's clouding my thinking, occasionally forcing me to a standstill. I'm used to being hands-on, typically, with one or two at a time. I think I need to create some kind of schedule for myself.

I watched a documentary yesterday (half-listened to, actually) showing how music affects our mental and physical state. It was particularly interesting in the context of what I listen to in the studio, and when. Sometimes I need music which helps me to concentrate, sometimes I want something energising, sometimes I want something just because I feel good, and sometimes nothing at all. I may have mentioned this before - if I'm in a particular zone, having my iPod on shuffle can be a major distraction.

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