Firstly, the work that I mentioned last - the one that I thought wasn't quite right: well, yesterday I decided that it was fine as it is. The problem as I perceived it was that there was an unplanned effect of the material I used. The fact is, it is an inherent characteristic of the material, and on further reflection not something I should be concerned about.

But then I decided I wasn't happy after all, and tried to remedy the problem. That didn't work, in fact I made it worse. And that was that - it was an unplanned, unwanted effect, not good enough, full stop.

So I'm starting again.

Secondly, swapping business cards at LAF the other day, I was conscious once again that mine are crap. I suppose the problem is that email and online networking have largely replaced the usual ritual, so that formal exchange is something we do less and less. Consequently an update became less of a priority than it deserved. Working on designs reminds me how hard it can be to create one's own. We should do them for one another, just as we should do with artist's statements.

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