Accounts done and tax return filed. Yessss! That was one big crapola thing haunting me on my to-do list, and now crossed off with a flourish. I may try to do it early next year (can't help thinking I said that last year…).

In other news, photoshop refuses to work on my mac without crashing whenever it feels like, so I have to upgrade it, even though by rights I shouldn't need to.

Santa brought me 'Eraserhead' on dvd (thanks Liz). I saw it a very long time ago, and I'm looking forward to watching it again. There are a handful of films that stay with you, and this is probably at the top of the list.

I buried works-in-progress all over the house, in all sorts of odd places, to try to recover some semblance of order for christmas. That's as good as over so I am starting back in to it again.

I want to go to see 'Gesamtkunstwerk: New art from Germany' at the Saatchi gallery. There are a few other shows I want to take in too, including several galleries I haven't visited before.

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