In addition to the usual posters and stuff, I have ordered large print and braille info sheets for the exhibition, and learnt in the process that there are two types of braille available. In working on various aspects of this project I have come to realise that I take a lot for granted. Little things sometimes, like the language I use on a daily basis without a second thought.

I remain disappointed in the lack of follow-up and support from certain channels, but I have to roll with it. Tellingly, perhaps, the large organisations have been next to useless, whilst the smaller groups have, in the most part, been very helpful.

I have to make final decisions about the works I am going to show. Some of the choices have been made easier for me - either because there is not the room, or the works aren't quite ready enough (or I'm not sure they are ready enough to let go just yet). A couple more days….

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