Great PV, lots of very positive feedback. I took the show down yesterday. Now I concentrate on building on this, using what I have gleaned from the exercise, and making more work for the London show in the new year.

Following on from the last post, I since received this email from one of the blind participants. I think I will just let it speak for itself:

Hello  Phil
Such a lovely Email......  thank you, and also for the wonderful chance to experience your exhibition.
I really don’t feel my input was up to much at all..... but I was intrigued how much of last evening was spent ‘watching’ and noting my reactions to various pieces.... and these memories were in colour.... which is bizarre, because I can only recall SOME of the visual descriptions!
I found the whole experience utterly enjoyable and  intriguing, and realised how much words and Texts influenced ‘flashbacks’ for me.  I wondered what I would have made of the ‘Burger of Shoreditch’ without the title.... I suspect it would remain one of my favourites!
I recall I had a sense of ‘ white’ even before I was given any more info, and I loved its overall shape and energy.
I also wondered how people who have never experienced physical sight would respond to these tactile offerings, with presumably a different ‘take’ on colour and ‘seeing’.
You asked about 3D tactile paintings  and sculptures...... am still trying to put my feelings into words, but it ain’t easy.
I think the different materials you have used make a huge difference to the conceptual experience....from ‘Jesus toast’, to the tiny ’hole in the wall’, the nail  piercing a disc, ‘Frightening Albert’ .... and on and on and on... these add a new dimension to the tactile experience..... and there is a sense of movement somehow, which is beautiful, and possibly enhanced by those different materials.
I have various tactile  objects, and have looked at them afresh today, and a couple of them definitely allow me to admit they feel somewhat static, which has been a suspicion for some time!!
Enough Waffle!

Thank you so much again, Phil, and I wish you very Well,
Looking forward to your next exhibition!

S. (Still smiling!)

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