Well, today I have been feeling a bit like Cinderella - everybody Tweeting about Frieze, going off to see exhibitions and all that. I wouldn't normally mind, but I have been pushing the mouse around the desk, trying to draft a flier in a photoshop determined to crash at anything more strenuous than drawing a box. It happened with such startling regularity that, instead of swearing each time it happened, I soon found myself just staring passively at the screen. Couldn't even summon up the will to utter an 'arse'. Anyway, enough of that, it's a beautiful day.

Tuesday, just as I was leaving to catch the train for London, my order from Russell & Chapple arrived. No time to even open it, never mind pore over the contents. A big, heavy bale of canvas and assorted 'alternative' materials. I got to check it over yesterday, and I'm a happy bunny. I so badly need space, though.

This is what a credit card looks like after it has had the attention of a dog.

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