Morph Plinth PV

Never mind all that Frieze nonsense, the Morph Plinth PV was the place to be last night. The artwork was specially crated and transported by train to London Fields, where it was unveiled to a small but very select audience. Modesty prevents me from saying it was an appreciative audience, but I didn't get thrown out - and that's always a good sign. Morph Plinth, with my Untitled (big tick) artwork could well be making some very exciting appearances over the next few days. I promise to pass on any news as soon as I can. I met some great people. Thanks, chaps - it was a pleasure. Pictures here, here, and er, here.


  1. A big tick and a gold star Phil - I love it. What is the tick embedded into? The crate is gorgeous too. :-)

  2. Thank you Natalie, glad you like it :) The tick is set in liquid skin on a PVC cube. The crate caused a few laughs and will 'tour' with the plinth, I think :D