A long but productive day in London yesterday. My first port of call was Russell & Chapple to check out materials. David Dipré alerted me to the fact that it is not easy to find, and he is right. Locating it isn't helped by the building numbers in Drury Lane having been seemingly shuffled. What a great place though - and some very interesting and useful supplies. I bought a beautiful Italian brush. I also came away with a few samples and will be ordering via the internet imminently.

I went to the Saatchi Gallery next to see 'The Shape Of Things To Come: New Sculpture'. I have mixed feelings about the show. For the most part there was much I found interesting, although much somewhat less so - perhaps because the title of the show is such a big statement. It is a shame that galleries 13 and 14 were closed.

I wondered around Spitalfields Market for a short while. I was completely lost in my thoughts, and when a stallholder asked me if I was looking for anything in particular, I replied, without hesitation, 'A raygun'. I got an appropriately funny look in return, and decided not to try to explain.

Vyner Street next, for the PV of Salon. It was due to open early, but was slightly late (if you follow me), so I got to spend a while people watching. There is a certain type of art student that has always, and will always, look a complete and utter ******. Some of the work stood out even on a cursory inspection, so I hope to see the show when it is less crowded. It felt like there was slightly more breathing space around the work this time, although I would have preferred to see my own work in a more prominent position. Naturally. The show runs to the 29th October. Link here.

Off to Hackney Downs next to WW Gallery and Liane Lang's 'House Guests'. I thoroughly enjoyed this. I don't want to give anything away - I suggest you go and see it. It is also recommended by Paul Carey-Kent in October's Multitude

There was chance to talk about my own forthcoming solo show too. There are exciting developments afoot at WW. Keep checking back.

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