I went to a great talk at Portsmouth University yesterday afternoon, given by Dominique Ghesquiere, the artist on the Art Space Portsmouth International Residency 2011. I had previously only seen a few examples of her work on the blog, so it was a good opportunity to see more of her work. I had a feeling the work was going to be my kind of thing, and I wasn't disappointed. I thoroughly enjoyed it. An exhibition - the culmination of the residency programme - takes place at the end of November, taking in three sites around the city. I'll post more information when I have details.

For my own practice, I am trying to drum up support for forthcoming discussion sessions with blind and partially sighted people (details here). Twitter has been a great help in spreading the word (so far tweets have been fed to approaching 16,000 people!), but finding participants is not straightforward. People have expressed interest from as far afield as Glasgow, but there are obvious logistical limitations.  Some of the channels I had expected to be the most useful are proving, surprisingly, to be something of a let down.

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