I tried on a furry trapper hat the other day. I'd say I looked like a cross between Rod Stewart and a wookie.

Salon 2011 had over 1087 visitors on the opening night, not far off the record set last year.

I took delivery of the replacement material I mentioned the other day following an error by the company in question. Brilliant, I'm chuffed with their service and with the material.

I walked the dog around Milton Park this morning. There were squirrels everywhere, and I thought the dog might burst. She made several odd noises, which didn't impress the squirrels much.

Right now I'm listening to my favourite album, and Paradise Circus has just started playing. So I'll stop typing and listen for a while, if you don't mind.

Here are a couple of works from the Saatchi show. 'The Healers' by David Altmejd, and 'Private Lives' and 'Endeavours' by David Thorpe.

And finally, my cloakroom pass. The name's Illingworth. Phil Illingworth.

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