Back in the studio and feeling very happy about it. The to-do list is getting longer rather than shorter, but I'm getting lots done. And panicking.

Not so sure about the weather and the crowds, though.

I took delivery of some fairly expensive materials today, and I was a very unhappy boy. The product wasn't even remotely like advertised and I had been overcharged to boot. I wrote a very stern email demanding an immediate refund or replacement and anticipated a struggle. The supplier rang me in moments, and it looks as though it will be sorted out. This could be a marked contrast to the crappy attitude and customer service I experienced from a different company a few months ago, and if so I will be happy to shout my recommendations from the rooftops.

Having second thoughts about one or two works - ones I haven't started yet. Second thoughts not so much about the concept as the execution. If I screw up the latter I will certainly screw up the former. In writing that I suddenly feel very nervous.

Off to London tomorrow for the PV of Salon 2011. I want to see New Sculpture at the Saatchi Gallery before it closes on the 15th, check out and hopefully order materials at Russell and Chapple, and see Liane Lang / House Guests at WW.

I decided to hold fire on colours until I have seen something else - not for inspiration, but to help to focus the decision-making. I need to make colour choices from an odd perspective.

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